Give yourself good decisions as a present this year!

Give yourself and others good decisions as a present for Christmas and the coming year! Christmas time is not only the ideal time to celebrate and rest, but also to consider the upcoming challenges for the year ahead. Challenges in the family, partnership or society.

Take enough time for your important decisions with “Decision Timing” – Give your loved ones and yourself good decisions as a present this Christmas, with the book “Decision Timing” Photo: Stokkete & Felix Schürholz

To know what is right and to decide what is important to us, is a very personal process. Only you can set your most important priorities, no one else can do that for you.

To succeed in this process you need time to contemplate. But contemplation on its own will only get you so far. Ideally you add and employ the best and most comprehensive methods as well.

Decision Timing , with its large toolbox, is one such method. With over 20 applications and a variety of approaches, you learn to focus on and implement two essential strategies:

First, how to spend enough time on your important decisions!

Secondly, how each new approach used, can motivate and encourage you to try something new again and again, allowing you to judge your decision from an ever-changing and new perspective!

The book “Decision Timing” not only explains to you the importance of these two essential strategies, it also provides you with important background knowledge. Based on the latest research and outstanding contributions to the decision making literature, „Decision Timing“ can serve as a source of information and ideal guide for learning and applying new and better decision making methods. You can work through the book by yourself or with the help of a coach. Remember, sometimes it proves very useful to set a coaching process at the beginning of your decision-making process.

Having said that, whatever your path to your important New Year’s decisions, the two points that I would like you to take on board are the following:
1) Proactively plan enough time for your important decisions!
2) Be ready to try something new for those important decisions!

I wish you, your families and partners, a happy and blessed Christmas! My book “Decision Timing” can be purchased on Amazon as an e-book , as well as a paperback.

If you want to explain in a nutshell what Decision Timing is: “Decision coach Felix Schürholz began developing methods & tools for proactive assisted decision making in 2015. He was frustrated by decision makers inability to engage in self-initiated and proactive decision making regarding very important and irrevocable decisions. In response, he began to set up a process that highlights the necessity for the decision maker to proactively set a deadline for the decision to be taken. The lead time thus produced enables the decision maker to better explore and develop the goals and options associated with that decision. With a background in creativity techniques and body oriented coaching, Schürholz was especially keen to design a toolbox and process that encouraged the decision maker to actually try and evaluate as many different options as practical during the lead time set. Taking the effects of priming into account, Schürholz stressed the importance of performing these different tries and evaluations at ever changing times and places to counteract principles of association like resemblance, contiguity in time and place as well as causality. Schürholz outlined his method in the 2017 book „Decision Timing: More Awareness, New Insights, Smarter (Method & Tool assisted decision making)“.

Best wishes,
Yours Felix Schürholz
Decision Coaching & Decision Timing
Naturheilzentrum Grünwald, Am Rathausplatz 1 im Kurz’nhof (Grünwald is located in the south of Munich)

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