Ideal Time of Day for Decision-Making (Applying Decision Effectiveness)

Author: Felix Schürholz, Published Online: November 20, 2017 Are we larks, owls or something else when it comes to decision making? In nature we can observe that Circadian rhythms are ubiquitous in many organisms. These rhythms are fairly stable and appear to control many behavioral and biological variables. Animals that are experimentally subjected to schedules differing Read more about Ideal Time of Day for Decision-Making (Applying Decision Effectiveness)[…]

How to make time for “Decision Timing”

Some people might wonder how they can make time for “Decision Timing” when time is such a precious resource for them. One very practical and promising way is to buy time. A team from Harvard Business School with colleagues from Canada and The Netherlands found that buying time promotes happiness and protects people from the Read more about How to make time for “Decision Timing”[…]