Change of Rhythm: Try the “Quick Reading” & “Very Quick Reading” Guide to read DECISION TIMING

When we have an important decision to take, I recommend a change of rhythm and a change of perspective. As in music, sometimes you like things faster and louder, and sometimes you like them slower and quieter. The pleasure comes from being able to choose. Sometimes you know straight away what you like, sometimes you like to test what fits best at the moment. It is like playing an instrument.

Picture by Tim_Booth

The same of course applies when reading a book. When writing my book “Decision Timing: More Awareness, New Insights, Smarter“, I thought that it would only be fitting that the readers could choose when they prefer to advance quickly on a particular aspect of the book and when they were more inclined to take more time (without missing out on the major points of the book). For that purpose I have designed a “Quick Reading” and “Very Quick Reading” Guide.

With the “Very Quick Reading” Guide you get all the bullet points and summaries. With the “Quick Reading” Guide you read about a quarter of the book and focus on the “Big Stuff”. Enjoy!

Article by Felix Schürholz, 6th July 2017,