Time for Realism in Decision Making, Optimism & Happiness

There is an in-built mechanism called optimism and overconfidence that lets people believe that they are better, more beautiful, kinder, more intelligent and more skillful than they actually are. While initially comforting for most of us, it is a poor Continue Reading

Decision Timing: The “HOWTO” for proactive decision making

The quote “A goal without a plan is just a wish!” attributed to the French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, beautifully characterizes our attitude and relation to goals and proactive decision making in many instances. It is one thing to formulate Continue Reading

Decision Timing: Five Conceptual Leaps that lead to more Creative Decision Making

Creativity involves the use of imagination or original ideas to create something new or worthwhile. Associating creativity and decision making might represent such an original and worthwhile idea. How to become a better decision maker, be more creative and possibly Continue Reading

Ideal Time of Day for Decision-Making (Applying Decision Effectiveness)

Author: Felix Schürholz, DecisionTiming.com Published Online: November 20, 2017 Are we larks, owls or something else when it comes to decision making? In nature we can observe that Circadian rhythms are ubiquitous in many organisms. These rhythms are fairly stable and Continue Reading

How to overcome procrastination with “Self-Continuity” AND “Self-Improvement”

When we have to choose between a short term or long term benefit one factor appears to dominate our decision, namely how we relate to our future self. Are we able to see ourselves as this future self that is Continue Reading