How to make time for “Decision Timing”

Some people might wonder how they can make time for “Decision Timing” when time is such a precious resource for them. One very practical and promising way is to buy time. A team from Harvard Business School with colleagues from Canada and The Netherlands found that buying time promotes happiness and protects people from the detrimental effects of time pressure. The studies carried out by the team show how wealth promotes well being by spending money to buy free time.

Decision Timing: Applying the Diary Process – Foto by Teechai

The researchers could show that this effect holds irrespective of income: “These results were not moderated by income, suggesting that people from various socioeconomic backgrounds benefit from making time-saving purchases.” One experiment (of 9) that supports the above findings, involved a field experiment where “working adults report greater happiness after spending money on a time-saving purchase than on a material purchase“. Typical time-saving purchases were related to buying themselves out of cooking, shopping, and household maintenance.

Of course there are many ways to spend your free time with useful things once you made this time for yourself, but probably the most underrated, most effective and most productive is with decision timing. Just think of the benefits of combining the happiness you receive from buying time, with the improved mood that results from future– and self-related thoughts!

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